Miracle Shammy

Miracle Shammy facts:

1. Absorbs any liquid. Holds ten times its own weight
2. Ideal for home, garage, camp, cottage, car, boat
3. Ideal for swimmers
4. Use as a sports towel
5. Use indoors and out
6. Removes stains from carpets

Get the most out of your ePromo Miracle Shammy
Remember, the ePromo Miracle Shammy is most absorbent when damp – yet polishes and buffs best when dry.

Fold damp shammy and place over spill, pat gently. Second application, apply pressure.

The ePromo Miracle Shammy will work better after a brief break-in.

Wash with the ePromo Miracle Shammy, wring the shammy thoroughly and pull in one direction. Polish with the Window Shammy dry.

Caring for your ePromo Miracle Shammy
1. Your shammy is machine washable – but do not use fabric softener.
2. Hang your Miracle Shammy out to dry – do not use a tumble dryer.
3. You may cut Miracle Shammy to accommodate smaller jobs such as dish swabbing. However, this may affect the life span of your shammy.

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The ePromo Miracle Shammy is your new best friend. It is twice the size of a leather shammy yet ten times more versatile. Wash, dry, wax, buff, polish – all with the same cloth. Use instead of paper towels and watch the money you will save. Big mess? Use it like a sponge. No other material known to man soaks up water like the Miracle Shammy.


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