Braai Jacks

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Braai Jacks are a must for everyone who enjoys braaing or grilling



Braai-Jacks at the Campsite
Many campsites, caravan parks or picnic venues will provide visitors with
Braai Facilties.

These can vary from Brick & Mortar structures, on which to make your cooking fire, to built-in braais, fire pits, rusted drums, kettle braais or an assortment of options.
It does not really matter where you make your fire, chances are that you will still have to search for Bricks, Rocks or empty Beer Cans to suspend your grid on the fire.
Braai-Jacks make it so simple, you can really braai where-ever you want to.
Use Braai-Jacks for “Burn-and Turn” Braai.
Ideal for red meats like Steaks, Chops, Boerewors and Sosaties, all you need is a decent fire, a folding- or hinged grid and a set of Braai-Jacks.

Clip 4 Braai-Jacks to the bottom surface of the grid, the other 4 to the top surface of the grid and place the meat in the middle between the two surfaces of the grid.
When your fire is ready simply spread out your coals and place the grid on the fire.

Turn the grid a couple of times during the cooking process, Braai-Jacks will suspend your grid and the meat at just the right height over the coals.


“Skuins Braai”
To braai items like Ribs, Spatchcock Chicken (Flatties), Marinated meat or Fish it is sometimes necessary to adjust the height of the grid up or down on your cooking fire.

This is done in order to regulate the heat on your meat, to ensure that the marinades on your meat does not burn or that the skin on chicken does not turn black and burnt.
A popular way of doing ribs or chicken is to braai it at an angle next to the fire.
This method ensures that the meat is cooked with a radiating heat, instead of a direct heat, this method is ideal for longer cooking times.

Simply ensure that your Braai-Jacks are about 2-3 finger widths from the bottom edge of your grid, then pop it upright next to your fire.
Instead of adjusting the grid up or down on your cooking fire, simply move it further or closer to your heat as needed.



An added bonus is that it is easy to reach your coals with something like a
Braai Tong, a long Braai Fork or even a nice piece of wood.
By using any of these it is simple to manage your fire properly, spreading open the coals or placing them where they are needed.
It makes for a very efficient way of braaiing.

You will also get very little fat or sauces dripping on your hot coals, which means that there will be no flame flare-ups to burn your meat and very little smoke to get in your eyes.
Braai-Jacks for your Potjie
You can use Braai-Jacks to turn your normal Folding- or Box Grid into an extra large flat grid.

Clip 4 Braai-Jacks to the bottom surface of the grid, the other 4 to the top surface of your grid . . . then simply flip open the grid.


You will now have double the surface on which to Braai, perfect
for Snoek-Braai, large parties or just when you need that bit of
extra space on your fire.
Use one side of the grid to Braai your meat, use the other side of
the grid to heat up Garlic Bread, cook veggie packs, keep meat that’s
already done warm or as a stand for your Potjie or Kettle.
Braai-Jacks are strong enough to carry the weight of a large, full pot
and provides a more stable platform for your pot than a Tri-Pod.
You are less likely to end up with a pot or kettle lying on it’s side in
the flames and ash.


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