Akcam Silverina Glassware Aztec

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Our Aztec range of Akcam Silverina Glassware is 40 cm in diameter and 7 cm high. This beautiful design is detailed and elegant, bringing out an ancient warrior design.

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Akcam Silverina Glassware Aztec is a range of exquisite craftsmanship by expert artisans, using age-old techniques. These hand-made glass blown bowls are radiant in their colours and shapes. They come in different sizes per design and can be used as a centrepiece, fruit bowl or wall hanging. Be amazed at the beauty in fine art.

A layer of silver is often used as the base coat with 99% silver purity. This is what gives the glassware that shiny pop of colour. Pictures just cannot do these pieces of art any justice to their true beauty.


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